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So Do You Have A Store Full Of Things That You Can’t  Or Just Won’t Sell? Let Us Sell It For You.

Does Your Storage locker Look Like This And Costing You Every Month.

Is Your Garage So Full, You Can’t  Park Your Car In It Anymore.

Your Warehouse Getting Full Of Products That Are Not Moving.

We can provide you with a international platform to sell just about anything.   More »

Everybody who has a storage locker, has something that they are paying for every month. Why not sell it and be collecting money instead.  More »

Is this your Garage? Full of good stuff you ether hardly use or don’t even use anymore. Why not make money on it instead.   More »

Every company that has a warehouse has items that they have been storing and possibly paying inventory tax on. We can provide you with a great outlet.  More »

The Ideal way to Sell Your Stuff.

EquipLiquidation is an online listing service that can move those items that you would like to sell. A lot of people ether don’t have time or don’t really know how to list there things to sell, so let us do it for you.

We will list your items on eBay, Amazon, or even your local Craigslist. This can be done without even having to get technical or if you simply don’t have the time we do the listing, maintain it in our online stores and when it sells we simply send you a shipping label to put on your shipping box. In some cases we can even have you ship your items to us and we will handle the shipping to the customers for you.





Drop Off Service

Simply drop off  your items at our Redding CA location.

Pickup Service

Simply Call us for a Pick Up . We will travel to your location for a small fee an pickup your stuff and store it for you.

Ship In Service

Simply pack your items and ship it in ether 1 big box or several smaller boxes directly to us and we will store it for you.

You Ship Service

Simply keep your items, Take good pictures and weights of the items and send that to us. Once your item sells you will have 24-48 hours to ship your sold items.